Snow Activities for First Graders

These winter months are cold and long, but these snow activities for first graders make me feel warm and cozy! These activities and crafts will add fun to your classroom during this time of year!

Snowman Cupcake Liner Craft

Depending on where you live, you may not get to be outside in the snow during the winter months. It may be difficult for your class to make their own snowman using actual snow. This craft by Jamie from Hands On As We Grow is the next best thing! It’s simple, yet so adorable!

Hide and Seek Snowman Game

Who can find the snowman? Kids love this pocket chart game! Practice reading words and guessing where the snowman is hiding! You can add your own words, math equations, and more so this game lasts ALL winter! Click here for Snowman Hide and Seek!

Winter Window Decorations

I love how colorful and bright these winter window decorations are! Join Maria at Kinder Craze to try this simple way to liven up your winter classroom! You could use different colored tissue paper, or multiple snowflakes to really jazz up this winter cute project!

Snowman Directed Drawing and Writing Activity

Do you want to build a snowman? Engage your kids with a snowman directed drawing lesson! This lesson is really designed to teach transition words, but it’s SNOW much fun that it never feels like work! You can project the lesson slides on your board and teach Frosty how to add transition words to his writing!

Indoor Igloo

If you’re looking for the cutest winter display for your classroom or hallway, this is it! With white trays and a little paper, you can create the perfect indoor igloo! When Morgan Langley shared this idea on Instagram, I saved it immediately! Use it as a seasonal display or backdrop for classroom pictures!

Indoor Snowball Game

If you’ve never played an indoor snowball game with your kids, you’re missing out! You can use this activity to practice anything- letters, sight words, math, vocabulary!

Here’s how you play:

  • Write a letter, word, or problem on each snowball and crumple it up.
  • Have your students sit in a circle and give them each at least one snowball.
  • When you say go, everyone throws their snowballs into the middle.
  • They grab one and write the letter, word, or problem on their recording pages.
  • Keep playing until your whole recording sheet is full.

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    Snowy Landscape Directed Drawing

    I love the skill and confidence building that a directed drawing lesson can give to little learners! It also requires attention and following directions – bonus! Hop on over to Art for Kids Hub with Rob and his son Jack as they share how to draw a beautiful winter landscape. His detailed lessons make it easy for even the newest artist to follow along!

    Winter FREEZE Movement Game

    Forget the winter blues and indoor recess headaches! Kids love playing FREEZE in the classroom, and it gets them moving! You can play again and again. 

    Here’s how to play:

    • Give each student a winter word picture card.
    • Play some fun music. As the music plays, students trade cards as they dance and move around.
    • Pause the music and everyone must FREEZE!
    • Read a Who has _? card. Whoever is holding that card wins that round!
    • Start the music and keep playing!


    Click here to try Winter Words FREEZE today!

    If you’re looking for even more winter fun learning activities, check out these resources!

    I hope these snow activities for first graders add some sparkle and fun to your classroom! Your students are lucky to have a teacher who is searching for new ideas to share with them! Happy Winter!

    Emily Yerty

    Emily Yerty

    I’m a teacher who believes in creating a classroom kids love and activities that keep them engaged all day!

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