101st Day of School

Move Over 100th Day! It's the 101st Day of School!

As a teacher, you’ve witnessed a lot of 100th day of school celebrations! All of my students celebrated the 100th day in kindergarten, so I wanted something special for first grade! That’s how we began celebrating 101 Days of Fun! It’s an entire day full of 101st day activities, snacks, games, STEM and more!

101st Day of School Activities

I wanted the 101st day of school to feel like a real celebration, but I also knew we could do LOTS of learning on this day! Throughout the day, we are working on math, reading, writing, problem solving, art, STEM, and more! This is a sample schedule for each subject. I created lots of activities so I could choose what works best for my students each year. 

101 Days of Fun Dalmatian Invitation

When the 101st Day of School is getting close, I send an invitation for children to dress up! They can choose if they want to participate and what they want to wear. If you wanted to do this project at school, you could use white t-shirts and black permanent markers to make your own class shirts! You can get the invitation here. 

In the morning, we make 101 Days of Fun Hats. This is perfect for students who did not dress up or who maybe forgot! I put markers in dog bowls from the Dollar Tree on each table. Students color and cut their hats as they arrive in the morning. We take a big group picture as part of our Morning Meeting. 

101 Days of School Math Activities

This is the best day for math practice that doesn’t feel like work! Our favorite game is Top Dog! It’s similar to the card game War. 

Each player flips a card. You compare the numbers to see who has the greater number or the “TOP DOG.” This option works great for kindergarten and first grade. For a challenge, players can flip 2 cards and compare the sums of their cards. 

For math, we also practice writing numbers to 101, adding numbers with sums of 101, and showing different ways to make 101. 

101 Dots On a Dog Art Activity

My kids love this 101 Dots on a Dog art activity! If you want to paint, kids can use their fingers or cotton swabs to make dots.  For a totally mess free option, markers and crayons look great too!  There is a chart to help kids keep track of how many dots they’ve made so far and you can practice counting by one and by tens. To get this activity sent right to your inbox for free, add your email below!

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    101 Reading and Writing Activities

    It’s amazing to think about how much your kids are learned since the first day of school. These reading and writing activities help celebrate their progress. Use the 101 Words Are Fun page for a write the room activity. Students can walk around the room and fill up their paper with words from the classroom posters , books, and more! I also made some creative prompts for extra fun writing practice! 

    Dalmatian Dots 101st Day of School Snack

    Dalmatian Dots are the perfect snack break or take home treat! Fill a snack bag with Oreos and Mini Oreos. Fold the label over the top of the bag and staple into place.  They are simple to prep, but the kids think they’re so special!

    101 Days of Fun STEM Activity

    The best thing about this Doghouse Designer STEM activity is that you can use ANYTHING in your classroom for the materials. We used notecards, pipe cleaners, paperclips, craft sticks, and tape. If you just want to use paper and tape, that works too! If you have morning tubs, you could use materials from those sets too, like Legos, magnetic tiles, blocks, etc. 

    Kids can work independently or in a small group to design and test their doghouses. We used paper dogs, but you could also use plush dogs or toy dogs to test  your designs. It’s so much fun to see all of the different doghouses!

    101st Day of School Certificates

    Your kids will love taking home 101 Days of Fun Certificates at the end of the day! I personalized them with names and dates so families can save them as a school momento! This also makes a great photo op to share with families on your classroom messenger app. 

    Ready to Celebrate the 101 Days of School?

    I hope your 101 Days of Fun celebration is amazing! Your students will love making memories with you!

    If you want to save time, I have all of these resources ready for you to download and print! 

    Click here for all of these 101st Day of School activities!

    Emily Yerty

    Emily Yerty

    I’m a first grade teacher who believes in creating a classroom kids love and activities that keep them engaged all day!

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