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You’re ready to try flexible seating and now the big question…

Where do kids put their stuff?

The good news is that it’s not as tricky as it seems.
The really good news is that it actually makes your classroom more organized!

Here are the 3 things teachers LOVE for flexible seating storage!

1. Pencil Box Name Tags
Pencil box name tags are my number one must have for flexible seating!

They make it easy for my kids to move around the room and keep their references. I love being able to teach math without passing out 120 charts or number lines. I love being able to say “look at your log in on your pencil box if you forget” rather than passing out computer cards. They save me so much time!
The name tags fit all of those standard plastic pencil boxes that cost around $1 at superstores, craft stores, and drug stores. I print and laminate my tags and then attach them with hot glue around the edges. Some other teachers like Velcro or tape so you can choose the option that works best for you!

2. Storage drawers
In addition to art supplies, each student will still need a place for her folder, notebook, finished work, or items like that. I think drawers are the best for flexible seating storage.

I love my Trofast storage drawers from ikea. My students don’t have lots of big textbooks so they work perfectly in our classroom.  Here is what they keep inside:

  • take home folder
  • math workbook
  • pencil box
  • personal items (like chapstick…not toys)

That’s it!

Having drawers eliminated the mess hiding inside desks! Papers for parents are more likely to go home on time and kids aren’t wasting time digging for things that are lost! I have 5 sets of drawers spread out around the room so everyone isn’t cramming into the same space at once.
All of the teachers on my team use drawers, but they have some different styles. The rolling carts with drawers work well too!
3. Bins or Magazine Holders
We use reading workshop so at any given time, my students have a collection of 10-12 books that they are reading. I like keeping these books in a book bin.
It makes it easy for them to move the books to their reading spots during workshop. It also keeps their drawer from becoming too crowded with picture books.
I have these placed in different spots around the room so it doesn’t get too congested at one spot when we start or end reading workshop.
Are you ready to tackle flexible seating storage? Your students are fortunate to have a teacher who is working to make their classroom the best space to learn! If you have more questions about flexible seating, check out  Flexible Seating Secrets to Success! I would love to hear how you keep student supplies organized in your classroom so please leave a comment.
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Emily Yerty

I’m a teacher who believes in creating a classroom kids love and activities that keep them engaged all day!

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    1. Hi Nicole,
      They are from Target. They are actually shoe bins that come with lids, but they make the perfect book bins.

  1. Hello Emily,
    My classroom is set up for flexible seating and I am trying to find a storage solution so my students can keep their materials with them. I tried book bins but they are top heavy and constantly falling over. What would you suggest as a better storage option for their crayons, pencils, school box, and classroom books?

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