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EASY Classroom Management Idea for Your Elementary Classroom: THE STAR TABLE


As a dedicated teacher, you understand the necessity of creating a positive and productive learning environment for your students. A key piece of success in this is effective classroom management. Let’s dive into the significance of classroom management and one EASY, unique, and super effective classroom management idea to keep your students mindful of their peers, engaged in learning, and happy to be in your classroom….THE STAR TABLE!


All About Classroom Management

Classroom management isn’t just about avoiding disruptions– it’s about creating a positive and inclusive place for students to learn and grow. In a place where they feel valued and respected, they are more likely to feel like they belong. When students feel like they’re a part of a classroom community with one another, collaborative activities will be so much easier and fulfilling for students, you’ll see less mess around your room, and things will (usually!) be quieter! 

Students Need Structure

Elementary students THRIVE in environments where the expectations are clear and routines are established. Effective classroom management provides just that! In this setting, students feel safe and are able to focus on learning instead of worrying about what will happen next. 


When your classroom feels chaotic and unorganized, it feels like you’re stuck spinning your wheels in the mud! Even if routines (or the lack thereof) aren’t working for your students, it can feel difficult to adjust them after the school year has begun. 

These Classroom Promise Cards are great to use to teach or remind students of classroom expectations!


Taking the time to make a change like this will set your elementary classroom use for a successful rest of the year of learning! 

Address Unique Student Needs

Every student has their one set of strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. Positive classroom management techniques allow you to address these unique needs as you differentiate your teaching. 


A well-managed classroom allows you the freedom to tailor instruction to best fit the diversity of needs within your classroom!

Having a Productive Classroom

Although avoiding disruptions isn’t the ONLY part of classroom management, it IS an important piece! When you set up your students with predictable routines and clear rules, you will have fewer interruptions, less mess, and quieter classroom transitions. 


This results in MORE instructional time– yay!

Tips for Students Sitting in Groups or at Tables

  1. Place students with different strengths together so they can support each other.
  2. Discuss appropriate noise levels. Visuals are a great way to remind students!
  3. Assign group roles for each member of the table or group (like timekeeper, materials manager, and spokesperson).
  4. Mix the groups up from time to time to promote more classroom community building!

Motivated Students

Many elementary students have yet to develop true intrinsic motivation, so a little extra help from their teacher is a big plus in the motivation department! 


Choosing classroom management ideas that are both exciting for students and easy (and cheap!) for you, can feel like a nearly impossible task. 

It’s time to introduce what you’ve been waiting for… THE STAR TABLE!

All About the Star Table

  1. Every morning, have the star ready to be moved! 
    1. Options include: using a clothespin, velcro, or a photo clip stand

As soon as one table is unpacked and quietly working or reading, hang the star on their table sign. *Hang the table signs low enough that you can reach them without having to stand on anything.

  1. The star moves throughout the day to the quietest table. When you are out of your seats, the star only stays at tables where the chairs are pushed in, the floor is neat, and the desks are clear. If none of the tables are up to par, hang the star back on the board or clip it to your lanyard. 

At the very end of the day, the table that has the star earns a prize!! The whole table gets the same prize so they’re only selecting one.


Added bonus: Utilizing The Star Table will make afternoon pack-up time super quick and quiet!


Download the FREE Star Table Activities!

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How to Create a Star Table Classroom Management Kit

Use a colorful spinning wheel or this PLINKO game board for your classroom’s own version of fun at the end of the day!


*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


Find everything you need to create your own Star Table Classroom Management Kit here!


Fill your prize box with multiples of various small items to keep the prize portion of the Star Table always feeling fresh and exciting for students!

Prize Box Ideas (that are less than 10 cents each!)

How The Star Table Works

The star table works beautifully for a few reasons!

  • Classroom community
  • Communication skills
  • Positive thinking
  • Motivation & FUN!

This classroom management idea builds a sense of community among the children at each table. You’ll quickly find them doing all sorts of friendly things for each other. They will start to do things like push in each other’s chairs, tidy up the tabletop, and pick up any paper on the floor even if it belongs to someone else! 

Students also learn to communicate quietly and respectfully with each other. You will begin seeing them point to the star to remind someone to get back on task. 


The Star Table will help you too! You will find yourself always looking for who is doing the right thing. That kind of positive thinking makes the day go more smoothly! 


It will add extra motivation and fun to your class’ day too! You can stick the star on your clothes in a silly spot or dance around with the star while looking for a table showing “star table behavior”. (Call your silly dance the “star ballet” for lots of extra giggles from your favorite kids!) 


Knowing what fun prize options are available makes your students extra motivated to work hard all day long. Making classroom management fun makes it memorable and effective!


Try out the Star Table for an easy spin on classroom management in your elementary classroom this year. You won’t be disappointed!!

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