Hot Cocoa Day! Place Value Activities

Hot Cocoa Day! Place Value Activities!

Should you plan a Hot Cocoa Day with place value activities? Answer these questions to find out…

✅ Do you have place value activities penciled into your lesson plans?

✅ Could your kids benefit from a review of tens and ones?

✅ Are you ready to have just some fun with your kids?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, get ready for HOT COCOA DAY! Take your math block from boring to epic with some warm cups of cocoa! I’m sharing lots of tips and activities with you so planning will be a cinch! 

Hot Cocoa Hack for the Classroom

It’s time for Hot Cocoa Day with place value activities! Now what?

First of all, forget about looking up recipes for hot cocoa! Teachers everywhere should be making hot cocoa using this trick. It’s so much easier than trying to warm up 24 cups of water or following a gourmet recipe with ten ingredients. 

Here’s the recipe: Pour store bought chocolate milk into a crockpot. Let it warm up on low or the warm setting! That’s it! If you add mini-marshmallows or whipped cream, your kids will love you forever!

When you’re shopping for chocolate milk, pick up some paper cups. I got these colorful cups for less than $1 in the party section at Wal-Mart. Let your students use permanent markers to personalize  cups.  This quick project is fun and special for your students.  Plus, it prevents kids from mixing up their cups! 

Cocoa Comparison Craft

Of all the place value activities out there, Hot Cocoa Comparison is my favorite! You can practice building two-digit numbers with tens and ones and comparing numbers with greater than or less than symbols.

Kids get to choose their own numbers and build them with paper tens and mini marshmallow ones. They compare the numbers and choose the correct symbol. To finish, students decorate the mugs and glue them on a piece of paper. 

The completed projects make the perfect winter bulletin board or display!

Click here to get this Place Value Cocoa Comparison.

Place Value Matching Activity

As your hot cocoa is simmering, your kids can work on some place value puzzles. Each puzzle has two pieces that focus on tens and ones. You can match them in a pocket chart or on a flat surface at a math center. I’m sharing these place value puzzles and the Hot Cocoa Day banner with you! Just add your email below to get them sent straight to your inbox!

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    Get Moving for Place Value!

    Time to get moving! My kids are obsessed with Math & Move games! You just project the slides on the board. Kids answer the questions on a dry erase board. They check their answers, and then EVERYONE does the matching movement! There’s no prep so I can observe them and keep an eye on who’s getting it and who needs a little extra help! 

    Click here to find Math & Move for Place Value!

    Hot Cocoa Dance

    If you’re looking for some fun movement minutes, try the Hot Cocoa Bop! This isn’t a choreographed dance so kids can do their own moves!

    Place Value FREEZE

    If your kids love the “STOP” part of Hot Cocoa Bop, they will really love FREEZE! Here’s how you play:

    • Give each student a card with blocks or _tens and _ones
    • Play some music. Kids dance around and trade cards. 
    • Stop the music and FREEZE! Read a Who has _? card.
    • Anyone holding that number wins! Start the music and play again

    You can play FREEZE again and again. It’s great for indoor recess, morning meeting, or anytime your kids need to get moving! 

    Click here to get Place Value FREEZE!

    I hope you love Hot Cocoa Day with Place Value Activities! Add some chocolate milk and paper cups to your cart and get ready for lots of fun! This is a special day that your kids will always remember, because you made learning FUN for them! If you’re looking for even more place value lessons and centers, click here

    I can’t wait to hear which activities your students enjoyed the most! Leave  comment below to tell us about your Hot Cocoa Day!

    Emily Yerty

    Emily Yerty

    I’m a first grade teacher who believes in creating a classroom kids love and activities that keep them engaged all day!

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    1. I love your ideas! In South Africa where I live it will have to be ice cubes or ice cream as it is high summer and we are melting! The kids will love it!

      1. Hi Danél,
        Thanks so much for reading my post. To be honest, I would much rather have an ice cream party than a hot cocoa party. I am so tired of cold, snowy weather at this point in the year! I hope your students enjoy some of the place value activities!

        Happy Teaching!

    2. Hello! From Switzerland I really really would love to have the value maching game 😍 Your page is sooooo cool!
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