Place Value Palooza

When I started writing this post, I was tempted to call it “Place Value Palooza Part 0 Tens 2 Ones. I just can’t help myself- every time I hear a number, I am silently breaking into groups of tens and ones. I guess that’s what you get after you wrap up a big unit on place value. The good news is that I think my little learners are decomposing lots of numbers too!

Here’s a peek at some of the things we have been doing together to perfect place value! To warm-up to tens and ones, we used connecting cubes or foam cubes to build numbers. We practice tens and ones every single morning during calendar so my little learners had a giant head start! I am so happy to say that we whizzed through this. 

This slide is from one of our projectable lessons. 

The little learners were thrilled to try out some new centers too! I was eagerly surprised that they thought the Place Value Pour and Write Center was “magic!” I accidentally didn’t explain that each game piece had 2 sides, but the magic of getting different numbers each pour was the best part! This center is FREE so just click on one of the pictures to grab it for your classroom!

We also practiced counting on with this adorable center! I just stuck a tiny magnet on the back of each penguin and igloo. All of them fit perfectly onto an oil drip pan. This kept them organized, and my kids were delighted to hold it up when they matched up every penguin! Yayyy!

Counting on and back by 10 is another concept we practice during our calendar routine so this was easy for them to understand. Remember “10 Less up to the Lights!” and “10 More to the Floor!” Here is one of our favorite lesson warm-ups and practice activities:

Comparing numbers was the last skill on our to-do list. As I was planning, there was some bad news and some good news. Want the bad news first?  I knew I was going to be absent a day, and this was a really important skill. Ready for the good news? The projectable lesson made it super simple for a substitute to follow my plans. I always print the slides from my lessons and keep them in my planning book. I know exactly what the lesson will look like, what assessment we will use, and what work mat we have to help learners to who need more help. They are my favorite plans, and here is what they look like in my planning book:

To help with comparing numbers, I realized some of my little learners needed a reference. That’s how “My Little Helper for Math” came to be. This chart allowed everyone to have a little 100 chart and a set of ten frames on their desk. (We will be using the addends of 10 with our next unit). I also copied a black and white version to send with homework so they have a “Little Helper” at home too!

Our grand finale was a Cocoa Comparison Craftivity! It involved decomposing numbers into tens and ones, visually representing the numbers, and comparing them using words and symbols…and best of all it involved marshmallows! Their projects were beautiful. This little mathematician LOVES numbers! I am not surprised that she decorated her paper with even more math. She knows how to melt her teacher’s heart!

I am “1 hundred, 0 tens, 0 ones” percent thrilled with how we tackled place value! All of these lessons, centers, and activities are available in my TPT store. Just click on a picture if you are interested in learning more about one of my products 🙂 Happy Teaching Friends!

Emily Yerty

Emily Yerty

I’m a first grade teacher who believes in creating a classroom kids love and activities that keep them engaged all day!

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