3 Winter Sight Word Games

By this point in the school year, the time has run out on the holiday games, glitz, and glitter. It’s time to get back in the swing of things with something new. You and your kids are craving some stability, and a great way to dip your toes back in those waters is through sight word practice.

The problem is everyone has a different list of words! You might need clarification about how to plan activities when there’s such a divide in the lists. Well, you know I’m good at possible solutions! I have three easy sight word games you can play with any group and any list of words. ⤵️

SNOW Much Fun Sight Word Game

This sight word game is (you guessed it…) SNOW much fun! First, prepare by printing the game cards and grabbing any set of sight word cards. You can make your own or use my sight word cards for levels A-N. These cards include decodable sentences on every card, which is supported by reading research! Next, put all of the cards in an old gift bag. (You probably have about 23 lying around in the post-holiday mess!) Once they’re all in, shake them up!

To get the sight word game started, students take turns pulling one card from the bag and reading it aloud. If they get a snowman card, they must follow what the directions on the card say! Keep playing until you run out of time or sight words.

You can download the ✨FREE✨ game cards below!

Let's Build a Snowman Sight Word Game

This sight word game combines sight words, fine motor skills, and sensory fun – the ultimate game trifecta!

I like to pour some pom poms, cotton balls, or marshmallows into a container. I will add a few snowflakes and evergreen trees for a winter feel! Finally, I add the sight word cards and a pair of kid-friendly tweezers.

To play, students will first take turns using the tweezers to pick a card. They love this extra step and the challenge of grabbing a word with tweezers! Once they have their word, they will read it aloud and write it on one of the snowman’s circles. Students continue to play until they have filled all ten circles.

Please note that you can choose from the color or the black-and-white option for your game when you download the free recording sheets below! ⤵️

It's Snowing Sight Words

This sight word game is versatile because you can play it with a small group around a table or with the whole class on the rug.

First, lay a set of sight words in the middle of the surface. Next, give one student a cotton ball or white pom pom. Then, provide the student with a word or a word feature to find.

Here are some examples:

❄️ Put a snowball on a word that begins with the /long i/ sound.

❄️ Put a snowball on a word with the /short e/ sound in the middle.

❄️ Put a snowball on a word that ends with a blend!

❄️ Put a snowball on a word that rhymes with “moon.”

❄️ Put a snowball on a word with six letters.

❄️ Put a snowball on the word “more.”

Following the previous steps, everyone can record the words using the “It’s Snowing Sight Words” recording sheet as you play. It is important to note that there may be more than one correct answer!

I love this sight word game because it helps students begin analyzing words, which positively impacts both their reading and writing.

If you’re looking for more winter fun, check out this post full of fun snow activities!

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    Easy Winter Sight Word Games

    These sight word games and my sight word cards will make planning in the new year quick and easy. (Which I know is a bold statement considering that those are two words that are rarely in the same sentence as the word “planning” for teachers – am I right? 😵‍💫)

    Additionally, you can organize your small groups easily and help your students improve their sight word recognition and decoding skills this winter.

    Trust me, with these activities ready to go, you’ll thank your brilliant self later!

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