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Math & Move: An Exciting & Interactive Math Game for Elementary Classrooms

interactive math game Math & Move

As an elementary teacher, you are constantly seeking new and creative ways to engage your students in learning, especially when it comes to math! Math can sometimes feel intimidating or boring for young students. It feels so abstract and hard to connect with. One powerful approach to consider utilizing is Movement Integration with an interactive math game. Movement AND games, what more could your students ask for, right?! Math & Move is the very solution you’ve been hoping to find! Let’s dive in…

The Importance of Integrating Movement in Math Instruction

Adding movement throughout the school day isn’t new information. Students’ need to move can be seen through their wiggles and distracted behaviors. You likely already support these needs by offering students fidgets, adding in centers that rotate around the room, or using flexible seating. There’s more though!

The National Math Foundation advises teachers to keep learning interactive for students. “But how can I really do this?” you might wonder… By integrating movements into instruction time! 

Research from Frontiers in Education shares that Movement Integration is an evidence-based strategy that brings real results (Webster et al., 2020). It just means you infuse physical activity into your usual classroom schedule. This integration helps students connect with abstract concepts on a deeper level than they normally would in a traditional, sedentary classroom, ultimately resulting in higher academic achievement!

interactive math game

By intentionally adding movement INTO math instruction, you don’t have to worry about students being distracted or having a difficult time transitioning back into learning because students are moving and learning at the same time!

Benefits for Students

Movement Integration has so many benefits for students:

  • Greater Engagement
  • Improved Retention of Skills
  • Increased Attention Spans
  • Differentiated Learning (reaching kinesthetic learners too!)

When your students are reaping all of these benefits, your classroom environment will naturally become more positive and classroom management will be less difficult– big wins for everyone!

All About the Interactive Math Game MATH & MOVE

Now on to the specifics… Math & Move is the perfect interactive math game to help you begin integrating movement into your math lessons with ease!

How to Play

Play Math & Move in 4 simple steps: 

  1. Show students a question slide. 
  2. Students write their answers on a dry erase board or paper. 
  3. Everyone checks their answers.
  4. EVERYONE does the matching movement!
interactive math game Math & Move comparing numbers

There is just one right answer for each question & no one is left out– no guessing or choices or room for tears!

Why Math & Move is Worth Your Time

There are really so many reasons to say “YES!” to choosing to use the integrative math game Math & Move in your classroom.

Math & Move subtraction interactive math game Math & Move

No Prep

This interactive math game is truly NO prep! All you need to do is select the desired skill game and display it on your electronic whiteboard.

Student Engagement

Math time won’t be boring or dreadful anymore. Your students will love playing Math & Move! This game will transform math practice into a lively and engaging experience for everyone.


Continuous Learning

Each of the 23 games included in the Math & Move math games bundle provides multiple opportunities for students to solve problems and check their work instantly. The instantaneousness of the game helps reinforce math concepts!

Safe Movements

Sometimes integrating movement into your schedule can feel risky. No need to worry here though! All of the movements found in this math game are safe to perform & easily adaptable within your classroom walls.

Printable Worksheets

Math & Move comes with bonus worksheets to use after the game! Each game has two printable worksheets for extra math practice or a quick assessment.


Skills Targeted in Math & Move

As mentioned above, this interactive math game bundle includes TWENTY-THREE games each targeting different skills. You will be able to use this resource all year long!

Some of the most popular options include:

  • Ten Frames Counting
  • 2D Shapes
  • Comparing Numbers
  • Doubles Addition
  • Counting US Coins
  • Subtraction to 20


Check out the other skills covered in this game bundle too!

When to Use Math & Move

Math & Move is so versatile! Beyond using these games during math instruction times, you can also play as:

  • Additional movement breaks to re-energize students
  • Indoor recess activity
  • Transition time activity
  • Activity during extra time before dismission

What's Next?

Head to my TPT store and purchase your own copy of the Math & Move interactive math game bundle to start integrating movement into your math lessons as soon as today!

Try Math & Move For FREE!

If you’re not quite ready to take the jump with the entire Math & Move bundle, try out the Subtraction to 10 Math & Move math game for FREE!


More Math Movement Games

For those of you who are ALL IN with the idea of Movement Integration and are spinning your wheels to figure out even more ways to add movement into math instruction, I’ve got you covered too!

FREEZE & Skip Counting are two other highly engaging and easy math movement games to introduce to your students.


🤩FREE Movement Games & Activities!

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Phonics Companion Game: Guess & Groove

Finally, check out the phonics companion to Math & Move called Guess & Groove. You can be sure to keep your kids moving as they learn all day!

Incorporating movement into math instruction not only makes learning more fun for students but also increases their comprehension of important math concepts. Confidently harness the power of movement in your classroom with the interactive math game Math & Move to create engaging learning experiences for your students this year!


Webster, C. A., Starrett, A., Rehling, J., Chen, B., Beets, M. W., & Weaver, R. G. (2020). Understanding Elementary Classroom Teachers’ Use of Movement Integration Resources. Frontiers in Education, 5, 537940. https://doi.org/10.3389/feduc.2020.00056

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