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EXCITING Way to Teach Phonics: Guess and Groove Phonics Game


As a phenomenal teacher, you’re always on the lookout for exciting and effective ways to make learning fun for your students! Check out this game-changing approach to teaching phonics that gets students moving and grooving– introducing the Guess and Groove Phonics Game!

The Importance of Movement in Phonics Instruction

Don’t overlook the importance of adding movement as you teach phonics! Research continuously supports that incorporating movement into learning drastically enhances a child’s ability to retain information. For elementary students, this connection between physical activity and cognitive development is profound (Lindt & Miller, 2017).

More Benefits of Movement in the Classroom

  • Lower stress and improved mood
  • Better behavior (& classroom management!)
  • Increased student engagement 

By choosing to introduce movement into your phonics instruction, you will tap into a multisensory approach that speaks to the different learning styles of your students while making the learning process more engaging and memorable!

The Guess and Groove Phonics Game

It really is time to say goodbye to the days of sedentary learning… you’re more ready than you realize! Welcome the Guess and Groove Phonics Game into your classroom and be amazed at the learning that ensues.

This game is a whole-class activity full of fun and no tears (from the students OR you!). Everyone wins, so there’s no losing involved. 

Here's How It Works

Play this game in 4 easy steps: 

  1. Show students two pictures.
  1. Students “guess” ONE word and write it down.
  1. Click to the next slide, and everyone checks their writing.

4. Click to see which guess is correct. Now it’s time to groove! Students who guessed correctly perform the movement shown on the screen.


What Skills are Targeted


These games are Science of Reading aligned and designed to work with any multitude of curriculums. 

Each of the 40 games follows a systematic approach to phonics skills, including:

  • short vowels
  • digraphs
  • blends
  • long vowels
  • diphthongs
  • r controlled vowels
  • word endings and suffixes

You’ll find options for all of these skills when you download the Guess and Groove Phonics Game.


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Why You Will Love This Game

There are so many reasons why you’ll love this game! 

No Prep

First of all, it’s NO PREP! No one has time for anything time-consuming anymore, anyway right?!

With this game, you simply project and play!


So Much Movement!

Next, there’s so much movement! 

Kids thrive in motion! Even if you’re a teacher who prides yourself in lots of movement opportunities for your students (like flexible seating, class walks, or movement games), there still seems to be too much time you’ll find your favorite learners sitting. 

This phonics game allows for so much movement– all of which can be done safely inside the classroom. Before you know it, you’ll find that your students begin to LOVE phonics lessons!

Everyone Wins!

Another reason you’ll love this game is because everyone wins!

If a student doesn’t get a chance to show off their best grooves in one round, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so before the game is over. Everyone wins by participating and learning together! 


Although there are important life lessons to be learned from losing, there are times when you need to lighten the mood and brighten the little spirits in your classroom! This Guess and Groove game provides just that. 

Lots of Learning Opportunities

Finally, this game provides a multitude of learning opportunities! Every game includes chances for students to listen, write new words, self-assess their spelling, and practice handwriting skills. 

Students also practice social-emotional learning skills as they celebrate their classmates who get to groove and cheer on the ones who find themselves waiting for another chance.

After Playing, What's Next?

After you’ve finished guessing and grooving as a whole class, print the phonics worksheets or assign the digital slides for independent practice. You can even use them for phonics assessments!


Are You Ready to Groove?

Try the LONG A Guess and Groove for FREE!

See?… This game is going to be SO MUCH FUN for your class! Cheers to some exciting guessing and grooving in your phonics lessons soon!


Lindt, S. F., & Miller, S. C. (2017). Movement and learning in elementary school. Phi Delta Kappan. https://doi.org/10.1177/0031721717702629

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