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FREEZE: The TOP Math Movement Game to Use with Your Elementary Students


FREEZE is the math movement game of every elementary teacher’s dreams! It combines academics, social skills, movement, AND fun into one amazing activity. The best part? Over 50,000 teachers have already played FREEZE in their classrooms, so you know it’s going to be good! It’s time for you and your students to join the FREEZE fun while participating in this math movement game!

More About What FREEZE Is

FREEZE is an activity that gets kids moving and practicing math skills at the same time! With a sets of cards targeting a variety of math skills and a little fun music, you’ll have kids engaged in learning and begging for more!

This math movement game is fully customizable in regards to how long it takes to play. You decide how many rounds your students go based on the time you have available. 

FREEZE is perfect for brain breaks, morning meeting, circle time, math lessons, movement activities, inside recess, transition times, and more!

This game is not only FUN but backed by research too. Research has shown that kids are most attentive and at their best levels for learning when movement is involved. Motor-rich activities have been shown to have direct improvements on math abilities! (Beck et al., 2016)

Why Do Kids Love This Math Movement Game?

No one is ever out while playing FREEZE! It’s a level playing field where a student’s problem-solving level has no impact on their chances of winning. No one sits down or has to wait for a new round to begin.

This inclusivity motivates ALL kids to join in the fun!


Plus, it’s a chance for them to move and have fun together. This math movement game doesn’t feel like work, but there’s a ton of learning going on behind the scenes. (BIG TEACHER WIN!!)

How To Play FREEZE in 3 Easy Steps

Playing FREEZE is as easy as 1-2-3 and requires minimal setup!

  1. Start by printing a set of game cards and the matching “Who Has” cards. Then, give each child one game card and play some FUN music.
  2. While the music plays, kids move around the room and trade cards. When they trade, they have to tell what is on their card.
  3. Pause the music abruptly, and everyone must freeze! Pull out a “Who Has” card and read it aloud. Anyone holding that card is that round’s winner!


Start the music again, and play another round!

3 Tips to Make Playing FREEZE a Breeze

Follow these 3 tips to make your FREEZE games even better:

  1. Be Clear about the Goal
  2. Be Proactive about Problems
  3. Play Along   

Be Clear about the Goal

Clearly explain WHY you chose this activity. 

For example, “We are playing FREEZE today to practice naming 2D shapes.” 

After the game, ask a student to restate the goal. This final step helps reinforce the game’s goal and refocus everyone’s attention after a ton of fun!

Be Proactive about Problems

Encourage students to cooperate with each other before you ever begin playing this math movement game. 

Some issues that might arise include:

  • Not wanting to trade cards with other students
  • Not freezing when the music stops
  • Not winning during the game
  • Handling the cards too roughly


Emphasize that this game is about fun and learning, not just winning!

Play Along

Students LOVE when teachers join in their fun! Grab a card and play FREEZE too. They’ll love trading cards with you. 


Differentiate and Play in Small Groups

One reason SO many teachers have played this game is because it is so versatile! It’s originally designed for the whole class, but it can be played wonderfully in small groups too!* 


*When playing in a small group, just choose fewer cards to play with. 


FREEZE is easy to differentiate based on skill levels for small groups!

For an extra challenge, use the FREE Doubles and Doubles +1 FREEZE games.


Download your FREE Doubles and Doubles +1 FREEZE!

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If mobility is an issue for a student or you have several small groups going at once, students can pass the cards in a circle around a table instead of moving around the classroom.


Students can use the FREEZE recording pages to make a list of the winning cards.

After Playing FREEZE

The learning doesn’t need to stop when the game ends. Once you’re finished playing FREEZE, you’ve got options to extend the fun:


  1. Use the matching worksheets for extra practice or even as assessments.

Check out the BONUS activities to help you repurpose your cards for even more fun and learning!


More Math FREEZE Games

There are 16 math games in this FREEZE math movement game bundle. The set covers number sense, addition and subtraction, place value, geometry, time, and money!

Each game comes with matching worksheets and labels to reinforce students’ learning and help you keep everything easily organized. 

Another Math Movement Game

FREEZE will be such a hit in your classroom, that you’ll be on the hunt for more options to get your kids moving as they learn. This math movement game targets counting and will be just as fun for your students!

As a teacher, you’re always learning, and trying new activities like FREEZE can be a game-changer in your classroom! Your kids will be excited to try this fun way to practice their math skills while staying active and social. So go ahead, give FREEZE a try! And kudos to you for embracing exciting teaching methods to keep learning a blast!


Beck, M. M., Lind, R. R., Geertsen, S. S., Ritz, C., Lundbye-Jensen, J., & Wienecke, J. (2016). Motor-Enriched Learning Activities Can Improve Mathematical Performance in Preadolescent Children. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience10. https://doi.org/10.3389/fnhum.2016.00645

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