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How to Use an Interactive Calendar for Google Slides

Have you considered using a digital calendar in your classroom but are worried you need to be more tech-savvy for such a thing? Or, you may have gotten started and hit some frustrating roadblocks that have you hiding under your desk. Here are some helpful tips to get your interactive calendar for google slides up and running with no fuss!

Why Use a Digital Classroom Calendar

Let me paint you a vivid (but familiar) picture.

The morning staff meeting ran over, and now you’re sprinting to your room to beat the bell and the mad rush of students. You skid through your classroom door and flip on the light with your students hot on your heels. You look up to realize that no one erased yesterday’s calendar, it’s a new month, and you have no idea where your sign is for the next one, and you have no time to figure out a morning message. In addition, two kids are crying, someone forgot their lunch, and the office is already calling you. Are you sweating?

One too many trips down the above scenario are why I feel so passionate about interactive calendars for google slides! Once I started using a digital classroom calendar, my morning stress went down by at least half, and I saved myself a ton of time and energy with these no-prep slides ready to project!

In addition, the calendar automatically saves your changes each day — score! The slides are also perfect for virtual learning days or sub plans! For more information about the benefits of a digital classroom calendar, you can check out this digital calendar post.

Interactive Calendar for Google Slides

Tips for using an Interactive Calendar for Google Slides

We’ve used digital resources for the past few years in my classroom. Using the video below, you can see how to make your digital calendar interactive and share it with your students! It may be hard to believe, but you cannot move objects in presentation mode.

Follow these three simple steps to transform calendar time in your classroom quickly and easily.

    1. Keep the presentation in edit mode.
    2. Minimize your ribbons.
    3. Get ready to interact!
Check it out and see what you think! ⤵️

How to Use an Interactive Calendar for Google Slides Tutorial

Get Started with Your Interactive Calendar

Pretty simple, right? I promise that you CAN do this!

You can always create your own classroom calendar slides, but if you really want to save time and energy, check out Digital Calendar and Morning Meeting Slides for the ENTIRE YEAR!

There are over 60 interactive slides waiting for you! You can customize them to perfectly  fit your classroom, your schedule,  and your students. 

Do you want to try them out before you commit to an entire year of slides? I’m willing to bet you won’t be turning back when you experience the ease of digital calendars for google slides and the engagement level of your students!

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    Now picture THIS:

    The morning staff meeting ran over, but it’s all good because you know your digital calendar is set for the day.  You swing by the teacher’s lounge and grab a cup of coffee.  You sip it with satisfaction as frenzied teachers rush past you left and right to beat the bell.  When you arrive at your classroom, you flip on your lights, project your slides, and start the day with a smile (and no sweat!)

    If you’re looking for more ideas to improve calendar time, click here.

    You know what scenario is my favorite?  The one where you are prepared, polished, and confident every day.  You’re an awesome teacher and your kids are so lucky to have you.

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