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Classroom Beach Day Activities

Summer is almost here! Is your class counting down the days yet? Celebrate the end of the school year and summer with classroom beach day activities your kids will love.

Making the end of the school year memorable is important, but it shouldn’t cause you any extra stress! After nine months of planning, let me help you out! A Classroom Beach Day  is one day when you set aside the regular curriculum and allow your students to enjoy fun beach themed learning activities and games. 

How to Prep for a Classroom Beach Day

Getting ready to have a classroom beach day doesn’t need to take a lot of time, planning, or money!

If you’re ending the school year in style, try a beach room transformation. Blow up a few inflatable rafts and beach balls  or hang some tropical decor.  A beach classroom transformation is always fun,  but it’s definitely not required.

If you’re looking for simple, low prep ideas, keep reading to find activities that are sure make everyone feel beachy!

Let’s start with your beach day invitation. Here’s a simple note you can send home to invite children to wear a hat and/or sunglasses. They can also bring in a beach towel for the day. You can grab my editable beach day invitation with your below ⬇️

Don't Be CRABBY Summer Writing

Who could be CRABBY in the summer?! Get your students excited about their upcoming break with this Crab Craft and writing project. If your beach day plans are packed, this craft also comes with a quicker coloring option! These crabby cuties make the perfect end of the year bulletin board display for your classroom or hallway.

FREEZE Beach Day Movement Game

Of all the classroom beach day activities, this is always our favorite!  Your kids will love playing Summer FREEZE! There are 30 cards included in this game, but you could just pick the beach ones for today! 

Never played FREEZE? It’s easy and fun!

  1. Give each student one picture card.
  2. Play some fun beach music. As the music plays, students dance around and trade cards. 
  3. Pause the music and read a “Who has__?” card, such as “Who has sunscreen?” Whoever is holding that card wins!
  4. Start the music and play again!

When you’re done, you can use the cards and pages for a writing activity. You can also create an instant writing center by placing the cards in a pocket chart! With Summer FREEZE, the fun doesn’t have to end when beach day is over!

Beach Directed Drawing

Rob and Mrs. Hubs at Art Hub for Kids created this quick directed drawing lesson of a beach umbrella scene. Adding this directed drawing activity to your beach day is sure to get those beach vibes going!

Beach Towel Book Buddies

Is there anything more relaxing than reading a good book at the beach? Transforming your classroom into a reading oasis is quick and easy! Project a relaxing beach video with wave sounds on your board. Let your students sit or lay on their towels as they read. Sunglasses are optional! This beach day activity will get everyone excited about summer reading!

Beach Day Movement Cards

After relaxing and reading, it’s time to get moving! You can use these Beach Movement Cards throughout the day. Place them in a pail and grab one or two when you need to get your wiggles out. I’m sharing these cards with you! Type your email below to get all the cards sent straight to your inbox! 

Beach Hide and Seek

Time to play hide and seek on the beach! Practice sight words, spelling, or math facts with this PowerPoint game. You can even add your own skills. 

Hide the crab behind one of the shells and let students guess where he might be! Click on the shells to make them disappear. This game is fun to play again and again, even after beach day is over! Click here to check out Beach Hide and Seek!

Fish Food Beach Day Snack

After all that moving and learning, your kids will definitely be ready for a snack! Devon at Mama Cheaps shares this fun fish food snack mix that your students are sure to love! It’s sweet, salty, and mess-free! Kids will definitely enjoy snacking on this fishy mix while they read, write, and complete their beach day activities!

I hope these classroom beach day activities get you and your students excited to finish out the school year! They will always remember having fun with you in the classroom! Summer is almost here, but there’s a still a chance to make a few more special memories together!

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