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Valentine’s Activities for the Classroom

Valentine's Activities for Classroom

Can I let you in on a little secret? After years of trying countless Valentine’s activities for the classroom, I discovered a secret…PIZZA BOXES! Trust me! Pizza Valentine boxes are a gamechanger! My kids loved them so much that I decided to create more fun pizza Valentine’s Day activities. You can have a day full of love and pizza, or you can instantly plan a class Valentine’s Day party!

Pizza Valentine Boxes

Here’s what makes pizza boxes better than any other Valentine boxes or bags. 

  1. Everything fits. You never need to shove a card through a little opening. 
  2. They’re easy to close. Shut the lid, and it’s ready to take home!
  3. They’re durable. Forget ripped bags or crushed boxes.
  4. You can get them for free! Most local pizza places are happy to donate small or medium sized boxes to your classroom.

There are four different pizza designs so you can choose your favorite. Just print, and its ready for your kids to color.  You can attach it to construction paper or glue it right on lid of the pizza box. Click here to check out the Pizza Valentine Boxes. 

There is also an optional writing activity to glue inside the lid of the pizza box. For this activity kids write about the things they love. 

When it’s time to pass out Valentines in the classroom, we set our open boxes along the walls of the room or on top of our desks. Kids can quickly drop in their valentines as they make their way around the classroom. 

Pizza Valentine Cards

If you’re looking for a treat to give your students, these gummy pizzas are cute and yummy! I ordered mine from Amazon and attached these little pizza valentines to the top. These cards come with the Valentine Pizza Boxes. If you’re looking for other food inspired valentines, check out these ideas

Pizza Valentine's Day Craft

You can’t complete your Valentine’s activities for the classroom without a craft! This pizza Valentine’s Day craft is adorable. Simply print or trace the pizza pieces. You can glue your slice on a paper plate or on a piece of construction paper. I had some extra doilies left over from last year so we added those too! The finished crafts make a cute bulletin board display or a sweet gift for families. 


I am sharing this pizza Valentine’s Day craft with you. It even comes with a “recipe” for your kids to make their pizza. Just add your email below to have this activity sent right to your inbox. 


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Valentine's Day Games

Our classroom celebration is typically at the end of the day. That means we have lots of time for other Valentine’s activities for the classroom all morning. Some of our favorite games include Heart Pizza Hide and Seek and Valentine’s Day Freeze. 

For Heart Pizza Hide and Seek, you choose what to type on the pizza boxes. It can be letters, sight words, names or math problems. Hide the heart pizza behind on of the boxes and let your students take turns guess where it might be hiding! You can play again and again. 

Valentine’s Day Freeze is a kid favorite movement game.  To get started, give each student one picture card. Play some fun music and let your students trade cards. When the music stops, everyone must FREEZE. Pull out a “Who has__?” card such as “Who has chocolate?” Whoever is holding that card wins the round. Start the music and play again!

You can click here to see all of my Valentine’s Day Resources!

I hope you have fun celebrating Valentine’s Day with your students. Which activity are you going to try this year? Comment below and let us know!

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FREE Valentine's Day Pizza Craft!

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