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Chants & Songs Make Math Fun and Engaging

Math chants and songs

Sometimes math gets a bad rep for being a difficult or boring subject, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, math can be entertaining and engaging, especially when you incorporate chanting and movement into the learning process. Not only do math chants and songs make learning more enjoyable, but they can also make math facts easier to remember. Let’s explore the power of chants and songs in teaching math and how they can transform how teachers AND students approach this subject. ⤵️

Why Use Chants & Songs for Math?

There are many reasons to stray from the math fact memorization of years past and add some rhythm and rhyme to your lessons. Chants and songs are fantastic ways to make math more enjoyable for kids. Additionally, catchy rhythms and rhymes are effective in helping students remember math facts. Plus, when you add actions and dance moves to a math chant, students are likelier to stay engaged and actively participate in the lesson.

These musical elements make information easier to retain and recall because music engages different parts of the brain that non-musical activities don’t reach. Adding a musical element to your math lessons makes students more likely to enjoy the subject and develop a positive attitude when they hear that it’s time for math!

How Chants Can Help Students Learn Math Facts

Math chants are a powerful tool for teachers to help students easily remember math facts. Unlike traditional methods like flashcards, drills, or worksheets, chants involve lots of repetition, which is crucial for memorization. And just like the savvy educators we are, repetition helps students learn to memorize without even realizing it!

The tactile approach of movement is another advantage of math chants. When our students move, it encourages their muscle memory and helps them to remember equations more quickly. By incorporating physical movements into the lesson, students engage their brains and bodies, reinforcing the learning process.

Finally, learning high-utility facts like doubles and addends of tens through chants prepares students for more advanced problem-solving. Math chants and songs are an excellent way to help students master math facts while having fun and staying engaged.

Doubles Math Chant

Doubles are an essential math concept where two of the same number are added together, such as 1+1 or 5+5. Developing fluency with these math addition facts is crucial for building accuracy and problem-solving skills. Your students can easily master these facts by practicing with a doubles chant. The chant has simple motions that allow students to focus on each fact while still incorporating movement. 

Using this chant in your classroom is an excellent way to your students build a strong foundation in math while singing, moving, and grooving! Check out the video below for a complete tutorial on the doubles chant. You can find the Doubles Chant here!

Making 10 Math Chant

Addends of ten is another vital skill for kids to learn. Addends of ten are two numbers that add up to ten, like 2+8 or 7+3. Some call them “Friends of Ten” or “Making Ten Facts.”

Our addends of ten chant is so much fun! It combines a little rhythm, rhyming, and movement to assist in maximum learning! Plus, it will set kids up for more difficult math skills like subtraction and place value. So, if you want your students to be quick with the addends, check out our Making Ten Chant!

Watch our Math Chants in action ⤵️

Making the Most of Math Chants

If you think you’re ready to dive into the world of math chants, give these tips a try:

Make math chants and songs a part of your daily routine. You can even add them to calendar time or a transition to start math.

Encourage your kids to join in. Let them share suggestions for new movements!

Keep your facts displayed in your classroom. This turns your chant into a resource that can be used all day, especially during math!

➕ Click the images below to add these chants to your lesson plans today!

2 - 4- 6- 8 Your Kids are Gonna Think it's Great!

For more ideas to add movement to your math lessons, check out the post Make Learning Fun with These Skip Counting Movement Activities. You can also download my FREE Movement Collection with hundreds of pages of movement activities for your classroom ⤵️


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Kudos to you for trying something new! Your kids are going to be singing your praises long after they’ve graduated from your classroom. Thanks for being you: a teacher who cares about making learning exciting and fun for students!

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