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Rabbit Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade

Rabbit Day Activities

Rabbit Activities for K and 1

We have reached that point in the year where both teachers AND kids are counting down the days to Spring Break and need some fresh, new ideas to liven things up! I’m about to give you the keys to planning fun and educational rabbit activities for your students to celebrate Rabbit Day

Let’s hop right in! ⤵️

Rabbit Researchers

Chances are we are seeing rabbits everywhere this time of year. While they’re adorable little creatures, they’re also super interesting!

Did you know rabbits perform an athletic leap called a “binky” when they’re happy? They jump, twist, and kick in the air! While we may not be flexible enough to perform our own “binky,” I promise that the Rabbit Researchers activity will make everyone in the classroom happy. 😊

It’s simple to turn your students into Rabbit Researchers.  Choose any nonfiction rabbit book or share a video from YouTube. Then, use this research to make Rabbit Researcher hats.

Rabbit Day Activities

You can follow these easy steps to make Rabbit Day Researcher Hats with your students.

  • First, you want to trace and color the rabbit ears.
  • Next, write or trace three facts about rabbits that you learned from the nonfiction book or YouTube video.
  • Third, glue your pieces on a sentence strip or strip of paper.
  • Lastly, measure your hat and staple or tape it together!

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Bunny Craft

Depending on your school and students, you may or may not celebrate the Spring holidays. This Bunny Craft is an activity that works for every classroom!

First, have your students choose their favorite writing prompt for Spring and complete it with their own creative thoughts. Next, have them color and assemble the bunny for the top of their page. The pieces for this craft are also super easy to cut out and glue!

Bonus: if you’re short on time, a simplified coloring option is also available. This craftivity makes the perfect Spring bulletin board!

Rabbit STEM

Rabbit Day Activities

Challenge your students to create bunny hutches if you want some hare-raising, hands-on fun!

For this activity, you can use any materials that you have in your classroom. Paperclips, pom-poms, construction paper, popsicle sticks, magnatiles, legos, etc., are perfect for this creative STEM activity.

Once your students have built their hutch, you can print paper rabbits or use small bunny toys to place inside!

This activity is great for a partner or small group project.

Bunny Tail Trail Mix

Rabbit Day Activities for kindergarten and first grade

Of course, Rabbit Day would only be complete with a little treat to munch on! In my class, we aways loved to mix up some Bunny Tail Trail Mix. You can vary the ingredients to your class’s liking, but some ideas to start are:

  • Annie’s Bunny Cookies (available in several flavors)
  • Mini-marshmallows for fluffy bunny tails
  • Spring M&Ms for a colorful surprise


🐰 Bonus idea: serve snacks in little cups with bunny ears and faces for extra cuteness!

Rabbit Day Activities for kindergarten and first grade

More Rabbit Fun

If you’re looking for more ready-made ideas for Rabbit Day, check out these options for writing, sight words, math, and more!

You and your students are going to be living hoppily ever after with these Rabbit Day activities.  Call me a hop-timist, but Spring time signals us that the end of the school year is just on the horizon.  You’re an amazing teacher and you’re on the fast-track to freedom now, my friend!  

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Download your FREE Rabbit Researcher hats right here! 🐇

Get the Rabbit Researcher Hats for your class! Leave your email below and we’ll send you this free resource right away!