Do you have a Classroom Move Maker?

Do You Have a Classroom Move Maker?

Do you remember playing Simon Says as a child? One person would give directions and try to trick the others into moving without “Simon” giving permission. If were like me, you felt mortified if you got out, because who likes kids looking at you for accidentally doing the wrong thing?

Now as a teacher, I think back about the kids who probably got out first every time. They were definitely the ones who needed that extra movement to begin with! 

So I wanted to take the idea of children all moving together, but remove the concept of children getting “out.” (I’ve actually created a LOT of games based on this concept and you can read about them here.)

For  this game, I replaced ‘Simon” with the classroom Move Maker! It’s a whole class movement activity that everyone can do, but rather than sitting down, everyone is encouraged to keep moving and doing their best!

How to Play Move Maker!

It’s going to take you about 2 minutes to get this game ready,  and then you can play all year!

To get started, print the movement cards and the colored blocks. You can pick 3 or 6 colored movement blocks depending on the age of your students.

Put the colored blocks and movement cards in a pocket chart. If you would rather play on a magnet board or chalkboard, add magnets to the back of your movement cards.

That’s it! You’re ready to play!

Time to choose the first Move Maker! The Move Maker will put a movement card in front of each colored  block.

Once the cards are placed, the whole class will do the movements shown in order.  For these movements, kids can stay in one spot so they can play by their desks or together on the carpet. You can have them repeat the movements more than once if you want. Think of it like a mini workout circuit!

After you’ve done all the movements, the Move Maker will choose someone who was doing their best!  That student will become the next Move Maker and come up and put in a new series of cards!

You can repeat the game as many times as you want! 

When to Play Move Maker

Move Maker is perfect for:

  • Movement Minutes
  • Inside Recess
  • Morning Meeting Game
  • Classroom Reward
  • Transition Between Subjects


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    Your students will love trying Move Maker with you! If you’ve got a group of kids who benefit from movement, click here to find learning activities made just for them! You will be thrilled to see how a little movement can make a big difference in your classroom!

    Emily Yerty

    Emily Yerty

    I’m a teacher who believes in creating a classroom kids love and activities that keep them engaged all day!

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