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St. Patrick's Day Activities

It’s time to bring on the St. Patrick’s Day Activities! Don’t get me wrong- I enjoy the excitement of making leprechaun traps, but I despise the idea of cleaning up after a messy, miniature, magical creature. Rather than clean up a disaster in my classroom, I created St. Patrick’s Day Activities to engage your kids brains, bodies, and imaginations without any unnecessary mess!

You can still excite your students with the magic of leprechauns and traditions of St. Patrick’s Day with movement games, leprechaun crafts, writing activities, and more! These are some of our favorite classroom activities. 

Leprechaun Craft and Writing

We had so much fun making these little leprechauns! Tradition says that leprechauns have gold, but I wanted to know what my kids really think would be a treasure. It was no surprise when they listed things like puppies, candy, video games! We used the simple craft template to make our leprechauns, but I also created a coloring option for teachers might not have time to cut and glue the pieces. Click here to find the leprechaun craft. 

St. Patrick's Day Movement Cards

Get your kids moving this March with St. Patrick’s Day movement cards. You can choose one or two cards during transitions, morning meetings, or when everyone needs to get their wiggles out. The cards also work perfectly with the Classroom Move Maker! All of the movements can be done safely in your classroom so everyone has a chance to get move! 

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St. Patrick's Day Writing Center and FREEZE

Of all the St. Patrick’s Dat Activities, your kids will probably love FREEZE the most! It’s ideal if you have a group of students who need movement to stay focused or if you just want to add some extra fun to your classroom. The weather can be unpredictable in March so this also great inside recess activity!

If you never played FREEZE before, it’s so fun and easy!

  • Give each student one card at the start of the game.
  • Play some music, and students walk around the room and trade cards.
  • When the music stops, FREEZE! 
  • Read a Who has___? card. Whoever has that card wins!
  • Start the music and play again!

After the game, you can use the cards to create an instant writing center! The game includes writing printables so students have everything they need for some fun St. Patrick’s Day writing! Click here to check out St. Patrick’s Day FREEZE.

St. Patrick's Day Read Alouds

Do you have a favorite St. Patrick’s Day read aloud? How about a whole stack of leprechaun tales? Either way, I’ve got you covered with reading responses that work for any book. You can use these after a read aloud or add them to a literacy center. Just print and go! Click here to see all 10 St. Patrick’s Day printables. 

Leprechaun Hide and Seek

Leprechauns are so sneaky! Help your students practice words as they look for the leprechaun hiding behind one of the cards. We love playing this game as a whole group, but it’s also great for guided reading or centers.  The cards are editable so you can decide if you want to practice sight words, decodable words, names, or more!

I hope these St. Patrick’s Day activities will will engage your kids without creating any unwanted messes in your classroom! If you want to add all these ideas to your plans, click here to save on the St. Patrick’s Day bundle. Your students are SO LUCKY to have you! 

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