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Grab Those Gumballs Sight Word Game

Reading sight words quickly is one the best ways to help
little readers grow! It takes a lot of repetition to learn these important
words, so I am always trying to think of creative ways to practice! Grab Those
Gumballs is fun for kids to play and simple for teachers to prep! It is the
ideal activity for early finishers, centers, morning tubs, or even inside
To make your “gumballs” you will just need some colorful
ping pong balls and a black Sharpie Fine Point marker. Use your Sharpie marker to write
one sight word on each ball. Once you have all your gumballs ready, drop them
in a clear container. I used a big fishbowl, but clear food storage containers
work great too!
To get started, kiddos will need the container of gumballs
and a way to record the gumballs they picked. You can print an editable Grab
Those Gumballs recording page. Kiddos absolutely love using Mr. Sketch Scented
Markers to color in the gumballs they picked. These markers have a thick barrel that’s easy for kids to grasp. You can download the editable recording
page here
and add your own sight words!
To play, kiddos reach in and grab a gumball. They read the
word and color the matching gumball. They can take turns pulling out gumballs
and putting them back in after each turn.
If you want to save some paper, you could give your kiddos a
dry erase board and some EXPO Markers. I like this option for inside recess and
morning tubs when I don’t know exactly how many copies I will need. Once the
kiddos pull out a gumball, they write the word on their boards with their
markers. We love all of the color choices included with the EXPO 2-in-1 Double
Sided Dry Erase Markers! When it’s time to clean up, just erase your boards!
To update your activity, you can add more gumballs as you
learn new sight words! Kiddos will love playing this game again and again!
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Emily Yerty

Emily Yerty

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