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FUN Hide And Seek Sight Word Games to Engage Your Elementary Students


It’s common knowledge that practicing sight words is a vital component of literacy, and Hide and Seek sight word games are the perfect way to do just that! These games can be played repeatedly and customized for any group of words. Check out these Hide and Seek Pocket Chart and Whiteboard games to make teaching sight words easy this year!

Why should children play Hide and Seek?

Playing Hide and Seek is a childhood right of passage! Incorporating such a classic game into a classroom activity brings joy to students and teachers alike. It will make practicing sight words fun AND rewarding! 


These games can be played with the whole group or adapted to small groups of learners. In addition, it is easy to differentiate instruction and practice. 

This Hide and Seek Games Bundle contains games for an entire school year with fun themes to match student interests!

Hide and Seek Pocket Chart Games

Hide and Seek sight word games played with the pocket chart are hands-on, and kids love them!

Use the editable autofill file to instantly create custom cards for sight words, decodable words, letters, or math skills. They are easy to set up and fun to play again and again!

How to Use Pocket Chart Games in Your Classroom:

  1. Place the cards in any pocket chart.
  2. Hide the characters behind any of the cards.
  3. Children guess where the characters may be hiding. For more engagement, students can use the matching recording sheet to write down each guess.
  4. Keep playing until all of the characters have been found!
  5. Play again until your heart’s content!

How Does Autofill Work?

  1. Download the file and save it onto your computer. 
  2. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat (it’s free!). 
  3. Once you’ve opened the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, find the “Type Your Words, Letters, or Skills” page and type anything you want. *Whatever you type will automatically appear on the game cards. 
  4. Then print!


The ultimate Hide and Seek Sight Word Pocket Chart Game Bundle includes 16 themed cards and games ready-made to save you lots of time and energy! 

Check out this little video below to see the Hide and Seek pocket chart game in action! (Don’t you love how they cheer when they find the Gingerbread man?!)

Hide and Seek Whiteboard Game

As much as students love using the pocket chart for Hide and Seek, they also get excited about using the whiteboard! Using the whiteboard and PowerPoint versions of games allows for easy customization.


How to Play Hide and Seek Whiteboard Games: 

  1. Open the PowerPoint and choose the game you want.
  2. Drag the picture behind one of the objects. Click “present.”
  3. Kids guess a letter or word by reading it. Click on the top of the object to make it disappear! It’s like magic! When the picture appears, you have a winner!
  4. Continue playing by moving the picture to a new spot or picking a new game slide!


Check out these 18 Whiteboard Hide and Seek Sight Word Games to last you the entire year. Don’t forget– you can personalize the words in any of these games to fit the particular needs of your group of learners!


Watch the Hide and Seek whiteboard game in action right here:

When to Play Hide and Seek with Sight Words

You can’t go wrong when playing Hide and Seek: Sight Word Edition in your classroom! 


Students love the pocket chart version of the game and the whiteboard! Choose the best format for you and your classroom setup.


Here are a few ideas for instruction:

  • Use the Hide and Seek sight word games as a morning meeting activity
  • Integrate it as a part of a phonics or reading lesson
  • Use it as a center and allow students to guide the game
  • Play it on a tablet with a small group
  • Use during transitional times in the classroom (before or after lunch, after recess, or before dismissal)

Hide and Seek is also an ideal activity for substitutes to use with your class while you are out!

Are you ready to play Hide and Seek?

Try this FREE Pet Shop Sight Word Activity for an easy (and super fun!) dip into the world of Hide and Seek sight word games.


FREE Hide & Seek Games!

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More Sight Word Activities

Incorporating sight words into early elementary classrooms is SO important! Check out these other favorite games and tried and true resources:


Use easy sight word games to help your students practice sight words and decoding. 


Bridge the connection between school and home by helping families learn how to practice sight words with their children. This blog post: Sight Word Activities for Families, contains simple, easy, and fun activities for home!


Finally, check out the Polka Dots Please library of sight word resources. You’ll find High-Frequency Sight Words Bundle, Halloween Sight Word Activities, Sight Word Poems, Thanksgiving Hide and Seek for letters and sounds and so much more!

Hide and Seek Sight Word Games are an exciting way to engage your students in sight word practice. Whether you use the pocket chart or the whiteboard for Hide and Seek, you’re offering your classroom the chance to combine learning and fun!


Do you know what you could never hide, friend? How awesome you are at loving and teaching your students!

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FREE Hide & Seek Games!

Add some fun to your plans with these FREE editable Hide & Seek Games! Leave your email and we will share these with you!