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Adding Movement to Virtual Lessons

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Need to engage your students during distance learning?


We all know that movement in the classroom is important, but now we might be teaching through a computer screen! Adding movement to virtual lessons helps the body and the brain!

Some of the benefits of movement during online learning include:

  • Increased engagement
  • Improved focus and memory
  • Lower stress and improved mood
  • Better behavior

Keeping kids moving at home might look a little different. The good news it that it’s still effective! Just a quick chance to move in a meaningful way helps kids get out the wiggles and get ready to learn again!

Here’s the best news! Adding purposeful movement is simple. It adds value to your instruction, and it doesn’t take away from what you are teaching. There are so many ways to get kids moving!tual

Easy Ways to Movement during Distance Learning

  • Movement Mirrors 🙌 
  • Brain breaks  🧘‍♀️ We love GoNoodle
  • Song or dance
  • Guess and Groove
  • Math and Move
  • Paper Plates Movement Game
You can easily add movement to your virtual classroom by adding these activities to your lessons!

Movement Mirrors

You can add movement to ANY virtual lesson by using mirrors! For this activity, students will mirror your motions. You can create simple hand gestures or motions to go with your lesson. Students will repeat the motion or movement just like a mirror. 

This simple activity quickly lets you engage everyone and get thos little hands moving in a meaningful way. Plus, adding movement helps students remember new concepts!

Guess and Groove Phonics Movement Game

Get your kids moving during phonics while practicing reading and writing new words! This game was designed to work with a virtual classroom, but it’s also ideal for hybrid classrooms or in person learning! Guess and Groove is a kid and teacher favorite!


  1. Students will need something to write with like pencil and paper or dry erase marker and board.
  2. Now you’re ready to share your screen and play with no extra prep! You can play using PowerPoint or Google Slides. 
  3. Show students 2 pictures. They will “guess” one picture and write the word to match that picture.
  4. Students will check their word to see if it’s correct.
  5. Show students which picture was selected. If they guessed the correct word, they will do a quick, safe movement.
  6. Continue playing with a new set of words!

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Math and Move Virtual Movement Game

If you’re not adding movement to your math lessons, you’re missing out! Teachers love Math & Move games because they’re no prep and include lots of student practice opportunities! No one is ever out so everyone gets to move while learning! You can play virutally, with hybrid students, or in a traditional classroom!


  1. Students will need writing materials.
  2. Now you’re ready to play the game using PowerPoint or Google Slides. 
  3. Show the students the first problem or equation slide. Give them time to choose a strategy and solve their problem.
  4. Students can check their answers, which means you can also informally assess how they’re doing. 
  5. All of the students do a matching movement regardless of their answer. This keeps your students engaged and moving!
  6. Then repeat for 9 more problems. 

Paper Plates Movement Game

Paper Plates is a really fun and easy game to play during online lessons that will get your kids moving! Kids will need a paper plate or plastic plate to play. If you use a disposable plastic plate, they can use dry erase marker to play again and again. They will also need something to write with. 


  1. Have students place their plate and writing tool across the room from their computer or tablet. 
  2. Give the students a word, number, or equation to write on their plate. They should walk across the room and write their answer. After writing, they leave the plate and return to the screen.
  3. Repeat this multiple times for all of your words or numbers. 
  4. When the game is over, students can bring their plates to the screen and hold them up. 


  • Explain that it is NOT a race. The purpose of the game is to move and everyone has plates in different places.
  • Encourage neat writing.
  • Remind students not to erase their answers after each round.
  • You can substitute paper for a plate if needed. 
  • You can have student skip, hop, tiptoe, etc to their plates. 

You’re obviously the kind of teacher who wants the best for every student! Engagement and management are important to you! Don’t stress… you can easily add movement to your virtual classroom or hybrid lessons without any extra planning or wasted instructional time!

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I would love to hear how you incorporate movement in your classroom! Just leave a comment below to share your ideas with other teachers!

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