My little cutie at home is learning how to use silverware. She’s a hot mess! Our kitchen is a hot mess after every meal, but she is determined to be independent. Even with her face in the bowl, she never loses that spoon!

In the midst of wiping up the kitchen for the billionth time, I created some fraction lessons inspired by life at home. My learners at school loved these silly and fun lessons for common core geometry. We transitioned from shapes to fractions by learning about equal parts. (You can check out the whole set of shape lessons here.)

After we mastered equal parts, we started talking about halves and quarters. The kids loved the silly lessons with the baby throwing the food on the floor and the girl with all her toys! Talking about cutting food in half or coloring parts of a whole picture made fractions easy to understand. Here a a few of our favorite slides.

 We worked through the projectable lessons together on the promethean board. You can project these onto a dry erase board or print them and use them with a doc cam. You can also print them and put them in page projectors for small group practice or center activities! I always print the practice pages to use as a little assessment for my learners. 

You can get all of these lessons for FREE here! I’m sure your learners will love these silly and fun lessons! The best part is…there is NO clean up, unlike my house!
Emily Yerty

Emily Yerty

I’m a first grade teacher who believes in creating a classroom kids love and activities that keep them engaged all day!

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